Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 arrives on a dry note

Normally January weather is a non issue for the Center-West part of the country.

Soybean crop is made and harvest is in full swing.

This year it is different.

The bulk of the soybean crop was planted about 30 days later than normal.
This makes a situation where we need December weather in January.

Normally we would see about 300 mm in January or 12 inches of rain.
The new 2 and 3 week forecasts call for a fraction of that amount.
The bulk of the last planted soybeans will be trying to fill the pods in the
coming weeks.

We have never experienced a situation quite like this. Especially not on record planted acres. Sandy soils and newer less fertile soils will be the first affected. The heavier clay soils will likely roll through this unscathed.

The point of this blog update is the point out that this crop is not made yet.
The crop looks beautiful, but it is late.

We need to watch this unfold the next 4-6 weeks.

If January is dry through the Cerrado, we will loose X % of the soybean crop.
Then come February and rains during harvest, this creates even more headaches
and delays.

The timing for planting 2nd crop corn has no more cushion to work with.
It must be planted Feb 5th- Feb 25th.

How much gets planted?  Anyone´s guess today......

I will be monitoring with flash updates.

Happy New Year


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