Monday, October 27, 2014

Moving forward

I must say that I had a good belly laugh when I saw this image today.

No much to say about election. I am speechless.
One person summed it up well last night. Brazil gets the government she deserves.

The Real will be weak which will help save the Brazilian soybean farmer in early 2015.

Planting progress will now kick into high gear. I hear about problems in Parana and Mato Grosso.
There are always some.

I will be in Mato Grosso in November.

As the Dollar/Real ratio widens, there will be opportunities for foreign
investors that are quick on their feet.

We have seen this before. We need to go through some convulsions but Brazil
will be Brazil. Protests, strikes, corruption, steal a little here and there, kick back to
a few friends and before you know it we will have a new railroad. It is all about
positioning and now we have the correct people in place to get that done. The previous
four years was prep for the next four years. It has taken me a long time to get that
into my Gringo skull. It was kinda thick, now, it is more pliable.

It is hard for a Northern Hemisphere person to grasp what goes on in the minds
of a Latin American country citizen. What one populous would impeach a President for, a
Latin American country may very well re-elect. One needs to live here to understand it.
And even then, it can stare you right in the face and you will miss it.