Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Doug Ferrel

I first met Doug Ferrel back in 2001.
I first visited the farm you see in the video.

Later in 2001 I flew up to Querincia where
he bought some more land.

He is a true Pioneer in Brazil ag.

I have enjoyed visiting him thru the years.

hat´s off to Doug,
it was not easy

video here

Lucas corn ethanol mill

Marino Franz was in Brasilia where he attended a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture and representatives of the National Association of Corn Producers to discuss the deployment of factories of ethanol from corn. "We're going to put it in the Investment Support Program - PSI - Central Bank a project to ethanol plants in the state of Mato Grosso , "he said.

I can not say that now we will begin construction this year or not, but I say that it is a real investment. 

Paradigm shift for Mato Grosso corn 2014 and beyond

Argentina flooding

From flooding to drought to back to flooding again:
tough to be Argentine these days

Brazil economy

Brazil econ article

Mato Grosso minimum corn price

With recent sell off in corn and the perfect growing weather
for 2nd crop corn in the Cerrado states, there is more and more
talk that farmers will use the minimum price option currently
set at R$ 13.00 per sac or about US$ 2.95/bushel.
With an average yield, this does not cover cost of production.
We need rains into early May to see this through.