Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Brazil corn ethanol, soy germination, lower crop sizes

I am back at headquarters after a 10 day loop in Mato Grosso.

I have never seen such extremes in the soybean crop at this time of year.
One side of the road was just planted and the other side was 40 days old.

We will see average yields and also some great yields this season.
Two major concerns by producers this season. Below optimum germination and also
short soybeans. The bottom pods will likely be lying on the ground. It makes harvest difficult and
slow. With the 3-4 week delay in planting, many of the soybean totes were stored in sheds with
no ventilation. The temps inside these sheds rose to 120 deg F at times. Many producers blame
light stands on a drop in germination vigor because of this.

Abiove has lowered their crop size estimate for Brazil. I think IMEA will be next to drop
the size of the Mato Grosso crop. I think we are looking at a crop size the same as last year.

Talk of planting marginal land back in to pasture is picking up. Cattle are gold on 4 legs.
Soybeans are not gold at the moment. Back in the black yes, but not gold.

Above is a you tube video of the beginning phase of the Fiagril/USA joint venture
corn ethanol mill in Lucas do Rio Verde.

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Rains for the most part are normalizing. Next 5 days look wet.
However, the last 5 days in Goiania were supposed to be wet, and
we have not received a drop.