Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday night trade

Soybeans opened better than expected tonight

Twitter feed location

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Tocantins visit

Late addition to newsletter:

Friend was with Gringo investor in Tocantins:

comments: Tocantins is agitated right now. A lot of new open areas in the region of Porto Nacional. A huge change since last year. In 50 km we saw 5 new elevators. The biggest one belongs to FIAGRIL

Happy Easter Kory
You have done a great job all year...
Thanks for all the extra attention you have given out.. Jim

USDA crop report

March 31

I am still recovering from Friday´s USDA report. I am trying to square the circle. I read that crop insurance payments have reached US$ 16 billion dollars for the 2012 crop year. Even with such payouts, the USA finds extra supplies of corn and soybeans. What drought? What problem? Ethanol- steady as we go.
We look to be rapidly shifting from two years go short supplies to excess supplies of everything in the near future. Sobering indeed.