Sunday, February 8, 2015

Nice rains, Conab, soy crop gets smaller

The soy crop is getting smaller. The truth is finally coming out.

Rains have returned to the Cerrado. In many cases it will be too late.

Yields have been nipped. Harvest is at full speed now in Mato Grosso.
I think that crop is also a bit smaller than some think.

IMEA will be out Monday with new numbers.

Conab on Thursday. I will send out special report to subscribers.

I have VIP consult on Tuesday.

Carnival starts this Friday for many. Brazil will be on cloud 9 from
Feb 13-noon Feb 18th. Whatever mode........

Car and ag machinery sales are off to a very slow start in January.
Slowest since the global crisis of 2009.

Corn crop is going in fast behind the combines.
Will better prices entice farmers to plant a bit more than expected?
Stay tuned.

Optimum planting window closes Feb 26th for many locals.

Water and energy will be the major buzz stories for Brazil in 2015.
Crisis of Biblical proportions for many.