Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26 comments

It has been an interesting week in Brazil for late July.

The Pope is here.

The wheat in southern Brazil froze along with many
other delicate crops such as fruits, veggies and
coffee trees.

I am in central Brazil. The last two nights we have
seen temps down to 10 deg Celsius or about 50 deg F.
We have been using the thick blankets. I bought them
1 year ago when it was 90 deg one day. It seemed
insane at the time, but we have been thankful for
them this week.

This is odd to have cool temps this late in the year.
If it is to get cool in these parts, it tends to happen
around the summer/winter solstice on June 21.

It is unheard of to have cool temps the end of July.

Back home in Northern MN it is also cool. They are
saying lows of about 40 deg for July 27 and 28th.
That is also a little bit batty.

Corn in Mato Grosso is 2 dollars per bushel spot.
Gov´t has kicked in with auctions to help move
the stuff. This will take time.

Safras says that soybean area for 2014 for Brazil
will be 28.9 million hectares. 1st and 2nd crop
corn area will be lower.

I have sent out 3 newsletters lately.

1. Land price evolution.
2. Acreage shift to soybeans over the last two years- from where to which crops
3. 2014 soybean cashflows for Mato Grosso  3 year analysis.

I have increased the cost of newsletter and flash updates.

For old subscribers I will honor earlier pricing.

Going forward I will tend to focus on my VIP clients
needs. Daily updates, port data, and specific
emails and research on a particular issue or data point.
Issues that are trending in Brazil at a specific time of year.
Machinery sales, fertilizer trends, land prices, and profit
and loss potential of various sectors.

The blog will become more active once planting
starts Sept 15th.

The year is zipping along quickly.
Good luck to those who have late planted crops.
Weather guys I watch are saying a chance for early
frosts in the Great lakes area in Sept.