Saturday, June 8, 2013

CHS invests in Tocantins

CHS announces investments of US$ 60 million in agriculture in Tocantins

CHS, the largest agricultural cooperative in the United States, will invest about US$ 60 million in Tocantins, ie, more than  R$ 120 million 

Initially, the cooperative will install four silos for grain drying in the state. Earlier on Wednesday, 
June 5, CHS representatives gathered with the Executive Secretary of Seagro - Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock, Ruiter Padua, to know the potential of each region of the state and thus define the areas that will receive investments. On Wednesday afternoon, the group will head to the South of the state where fly over the municipalities of Alvorada, Araguaçu Sandolândia and looking for a property to install the first silo. The project, according to the company manager in Goias, Leandro Siqueira, aims to do the work and then offer financing to farmers, who plant and sell its production to the cooperative. The first work will be completed within two years. "We have already decided that a silo will be built in the South. As for the rest, we're seeing the best locations for installation," said Leandro Siqueira, adding that the focus is on the production in the state for soy and corn.

Director of the multinational Arene Trevisan explained that CHS chose the Tocantins due to its agricultural potential. "It feels right to invest here, since the expectations of the potential deployment of logistics infrastructure," he said. In Brazil, the CHS is present in the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso, and in the southern states of the country.

The meeting was attended by the mayor of Alvorado of Tocantins.
Multinational CHS is diversified energy, grains and foods. According to the company website, is committed to helping its customers, owners and other stakeholders to increase their business through its domestic and global operations.