Saturday, June 6, 2015

Where are the Maserati´s?

Seems like yesterday when soybeans made their 1st run to US$ 16.50/bu in 2008.

Jim Rogers was everywhere talking about farmers driving Maserati´s and New York
investment bankers will be driving taxi´s?

I wanted to believe this as much as anyone.

We had a 2nd run in 2012 and soybeans touched US$ 18.00/bu. I told myself at the
time that if 18 bucks does not get Iowa farmers into Maserati´s- nothing will......

I know a few guys that drive around in Porche´s, but I do not know of one American
farmer that drives a Maserati yet???

Farmers are farmers, they buy new US$ 60,000 diesel crew cabs in multiples.

I look at cash corn price´s for NW MN and NE ND and I see LDP type prices
going forward. I do not think a Maserati dealership in Iowa or North Dakota will
be successful in the near future.

I see more Chevrolet Camero´s imported in Brazil these days. I even see them in
farm country. But no one drives a Maserati.

I did see one Maserti while I dropping my son off at school recently. I thought maybe he
bought it, but a few days later he was back in his SUV. Must have been just a
loner car. * 6/8 update: The Maserati was at school again today. It is his.
Batman of Goiania is on Patrol this morning.

When I saw it, it jarred my memory- where are the Maserti´s I asked myself??

Just to be clear, the guy driving it was not a farmer.......