Saturday, May 16, 2015

China investment ideas, reality, etc

May 16th

It was an "other worldy" week for me. Events unfolded personally and in the media that had no connection to normalcy or reality of the current conditions.

The pernsonal stuff is best left for a soap opera writer to deal with.
The common underlying theme with Brazil is that is operates on pure, raw emotion.
If you cannot deal with drama, Brazil is not for you.
I did blow a gasket this week as events unfolded. It had been a while since the last
head gasket sprung a leak. It felt good to vent. It cost me 2 packs of cigarettes to
say I am sorry to my security guard. He received much Viking rage. He was just the
messenger and not the cause of the problems.

Family, booze, cat fights, dealing with hospitals and energy company mistakes all
came together and twisted my shear pin. Period....

To dovetail with the above "trip", I have read two different articles this week talking
about China and railroad investment????  Huh???

The East/West railroad was approved and announced back in March 2010. Not one
spadeful of dirt has been moved.

The government has announced that all infrastructure projects will be put on hold
during this period of fical austerity.

In the media, licensing of the North/South railroad through Mato Grosso/Para has been
announced. Great, let the licensing begin !!!!!!!!  Keep he shovels in the garage!!!!

Next up was the 50 billion dollar announcement that China will be investing in a transcontinental
railroad across South America. The countries included are Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.

I am not sure why all of these pie in the sky projects are being talked about now.
One would think an election is coming up soon. This is not the case.

It is like taking a pain killer to avoid the current reality. Let us talk about this over there,
while cuts, zero growth, and lay offs are occuring over here.

The articles make no sense at the current time.

These projects might become reality one day, but that is years from now,
not 2015.

In 2015, we need to find the money to fill the holes in the road. At the moment,
contractors with Dept of Transport are 90 days past due on their invoices
and they are shutting all projects down !!!!!!!!!!!!!