Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Crop acres switch

Northern Minnesota farmers switching all those
corn seed bags to sunflower seed.

Looking like a May start to any field work
in the far north.


I just paid R$12.00 for a small package of bacon.
These are going to be expensive pancakes in
the morning with all things added together.
Bacon, Pancake mix and Maple syrup.

Rain prevented shipments of grain per 310 hours of Paranagu√° in March

The rains paralyzed shipments of grain at the port of Paranagu√°, one of the most important in the country, for a total of 310 hours over the month of March, the port authority said on Monday. The stoppage, which totaled almost 13 days in March, helped to reduce the volume of soybeans shipped by Brazil last month. Exports were 16.5 percent above March 2012, despite a large volume of soybeans coming to the terminals and a large international demand.

Government denies cancellation of contracts of soybeans


Brazilia  - The Secretary of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Tatiana Prazeres, said today (1) that there was no cancellation of contracts for shipment of soybeans due to problems of transport . According to her, what occurs is a rescheduling of dates by producers.

March soybean exports

March Brazil soybean exports were 3.54 mmt.
960,000 tons in Feb.

Brazil needs to be up in the 5 mmt ton per month
area the next few months.