Monday, November 18, 2013

Soybean bugs

I am headed to Mato Grosso on Friday.

There has been some news talk of the attack of the
caterpillars in some locals.

I am not too worried about the bugs. They can be
controlled. It might cost some extra money on a year
with thin cash flows, but I would not lose any sleep
over them.

Bahia and Parana have been on the cusp of  too dry
of late. This is not a Def Con concern at this point.
Western Mato Grosso is also talking about limited stands
because of early germination issues. Maybe the possibility
of losing 1 or 2 bushel per acre potential. Again, not a
Def Con issue.

Two years ago, subscribers remember when I went to
Def Con 2 on the drought seriousness at the time.

I think we are still looking at a wicked big crop.
It all depends on if we plant 500,000 or 1 million ha
of double crop soy.

Thy Soy Cup Runneth Over.

The soybean crop is fine.

More later when on the road.