Saturday, November 22, 2014

Brazilian partners, English, Next generation, Investment ideas

Investment ideas 2.0

On my travels to Mato Grosso and throughout Brazil, I am always looking for who the new
leaders in Ag and Ag business will be.

I am speaking of the 2nd generation Mato Grosso pioneers that want to stay and follow
in their fathers footsteps. The age of these new pioneers are 18 to 30 years old.

There are a handful of brilliant, passionate, globally educated males and females
that are back running the family business and looking for a way to take their ideas
to the next level- to go international.

I have found a handful that speak perfect English, traveled the world, and are what
I call dynamic business-minded people ready to take their family business to next level.

People like this are literally 1 in a million. The thing many foreigners do not grasp is that
well to do families send their kids abroad to then come back home and help the family
business grow.These young people are not looking for a job per sey. They are looking for
opportunities to put their knowledge, know how, and who they know to work.

In USA, for example, a well to do family will send their son or daughter off to a well known
college and then encourage them join a company or start their own business before they are
incorporated in the family business. We in the USA tend to learn how to fail. Learn how a business
is run and work with people.

In Brazil, a wealthy family tends to look at getting a job either during or after college as
demeaning to the family image. The family business has more than enough to go around.
Thus, we see a different dynamic unfold.

I have been approached by young dynamic Brazilian male and females to form partnerships
with foreign investors. This is a broad range of interests.
These range from:

A Brazilian partner to help buy land
Non- GMO seed sales rice and soy
Cattle feedlots
ethanol mills/value added processing
Tourism locals hotels and R&R locals/ environmental tourism
Transport and  grain storage facilities and monitoring systems

There are many other possibilities ranging from restaurant chains, American
bar and grill themes, to sky diving in Brazil.

For those interested in thinking outside the box be it Brazilian or Gringo,
please drop me a note and we can chat about this and I can offer some
feedback as to what does and does not work in Brazil.

We are in a phase now where dollars are leaving Brazil and Brazil has a
scarlet letter on her flag at the moment. This will pass.
I think we are within a year of Brazil recovering and regaining some growth again.
The point is that one needs boots on the ground and due diligence needs to be
done prior to the next wave starting. One needs to be ready.

There are a handful of very dynamic "20 somethings" that are itching to do
what their fathers have done again. But this time it will be Ag 2.0 and 3.0
Internet, robots, drones,What´s App, processing, value added, etc that will turbo
charge the next decade. When I first came in 2001, one was lucky to have
a cell phone much less a signal !!!!

The next phase is not linear growth, it is exponential.