Tuesday, April 9, 2013

wheat tariff reduced

DJ Brazil Cuts Cotton Tariff, Increases Wheat Import Quota
  SAO PAULO--Brazil's government said Tuesday it cut the tariff on imported
cotton fiber and doubled the quota of wheat that can be imported with no
tariff, both for limited time periods.
  Up to 80,000 tons of cotton fiber can be imported from May 1 through July 31
without paying a 10% tariff, the country's trade ministry said. The goal is to
ensure supplies for Brazil's textile industry before the cotton harvest starts
in June, according to the ministry.
  The amount of wheat that can be imported without paying a 10% tariff was
doubled to 2 million tons through July 31. The tariff was cut because of a
decline in the wheat harvest in Brazil's main supplier of the grain, Argentina.

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