Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The apocalypse of Brazilian agriculture


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The apocalypse of Brazilian agriculture! - José Marinho Annes

Tuesday, April 9, 2013,


There has been a lot of time talking about that Brazil will be the world's breadbasket, which nourish thousands of people, our agriculture and our systems are examples for the planet. I agree in gender and grade, because I am a major proponent of our agriculture. We are examples yes, but inside the gate.

Last year many researchers said that we would have a bumper crop, we needed planning, infrastructure, logistics, roads, ports etc.. What happened to this alarm? Absolutely nothing! Amaze friends, NOTHING! Why is it? Particularly believe that agriculture for the Brazilian government is not on the agenda. We disclose important when the GDP numbers, but in time to strengthen the ministries and entities sisters - whose mission is to help the farmer, are simply ignored, or pretend that there are other priorities.

Unfortunately this is the apocalypse of agriculture, producers invest in technology, people to produce more, to earn more, but in fact, see their profits being torn in kilometric queues at ports or on trucks.

I feel helpless at this point: we fight, we communicate, but we are not heard, and heard, we say "stay quiet, everything will be solved," is the speech of those who are away from the field behind beautiful tables, with suits and ties well past that, unfortunately, has no compassion for the difficulties of those who help keep the country open doors.

When we talk to our friends in time of tax filing, we see that we work almost five months to pay our taxes, ie every $ 100 purchased, $ 25 will go to our government. I'm not against it, but would like to see them well applied to improve the situation of people and mainly rural family.

At some point I thought about creating a party and had support because, in this country, everything is political, one that unfortunately does not work. I am afraid that doing so would be going to an endless hole. But who knows to fight for our needs, the party suggested denomination as PPD (Produce, Preserve for those who have the gift) can not be an option. I sincerely hope that with all this we are living, the leaders of Brazil be sensitive and understand that we need to invest not to lose. Do not want to imagine a new apocalypse in 2014.

So, in the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi "in the great battles of life, the first step to victory is the desire to win." Wisely use our mistakes to win our space: being seen as a major agriculture on the planet.

By José Marinho Annes, Agronomist, Manager of Education National Association of Plant Protection - Andef

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