Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nice rains, dollar stable at 3:1, protests have fizzled

April 22

Brazil runs on emotion. It is the fuel of daily life. The politicians know this and prey on it during
elections and play to it during protests. It seems like the climate, the beer, and the girls all get mixed
together and prevent the public from staying pissed off for long periods of time.

It seems like it is easier to stay angry when the climate is cold, the beer is frozen and the
bars are full of guys. The testosterone provokes action and leads to some sort of change
of the status quo.
In Brazil, blue ball syndrom is less of an issue than in Northern hemisphere. Aggressive behavior
wanes in Latin America and, in the end, the issue passes and we worry about something else.

The above is an oversimplification of the cultures, but from a psychodynamic perspective, this
is not too far from the truth.

For the time being the impeach Dilma movement has fizzled.

For the time being, the truckers strikes have fizzled.

Nice rains the past four weeks will increase 2nd crop corn potentials.
Mato Grosso, MGDS and Goias have been very fortunate of late.

The big Agri-show is next week in Brazil. I will be watching for sales results.

I will also be working on May newsletter.


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