Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 7

Conab report July 9th. I will send out report.

Corn prices are now US$ 2.00 per bushel in Mato Grosso.

National strikes are being set for July 11th across the nation.

A Jatropha project that I have been watching thru the years
in Mato Grosso has been shut down.
Trees are being pulled up and the area will be planted to soybeans.
The elevator where the jatropha seeds were being stored
now has corn in it.

Hard to find a positive news item about Brazil these days.
The polarity has shifted.
I don´t think they are even saving kittens in Brazil these days.

Brazil got ahead of herself, time for correction and re-grouping of sorts.
How that will play out or what it will look like in two years is a crap shoot
these days.

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